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12 Best Keyword Research tools with Free trial

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Whenever there is a talk about SEO Strategy, there are high chances you will find Keywords. These Keywords are an essential part of SEO and without them, you are probably not going to find your product on the web.

Keywords research is an essential thing to keep your website growing and help the public find your content. There are quite a lot of strategies you will have to go through to find the perfect Keyword and believe me, it takes quite a lot of time and effort to choose the right one for your business. This is where the Keyword Research Tools come into consideration.

Whether you are a newbie or a professional who knows his/her stuff, Keyword research tools are always going to be used. Don’t worry, you won’t have to search the internet for the top ones, because this article is all about the Best Keyword Research Tools for free. So, let’s hop right into the details.

What actually are these Keywords?

As the name suggests, Keywords are essential words used by the internet algorithm to help the public find what they are actually looking for. But it is a bit misleading in the term that Keyword means a singular word, rather you can basically put a sentence and call it a keyword, which works just fine.

For Example, you are looking for an Italian Restaurant while being completely new to a certain place. In the browser, you will type

  • Italian Restaurant nearby
  • Italian Restaurant near me
  • Best Italian Restaurant “in a certain place”
  • Best Italian Restaurant recommendations

Italian Restaurant here is a Keyword and the others are phrases that will guide the public in finding the best possible result.

On the other hand, you will notice that these Keywords or Phrases are being used by the article writer or website or even a certain Business to help people in finding them.

Top SEO Keyword Research Tools:

Now that you have a bit of knowledge on Keywords and how they basically function, let us hop into the main part of the article, which is listing the Best Keyword Research Tool for SEO.

1. Semrush:

SemRush Keyword Research Tools

Most people generally are looking for the best Keywords that are being used by top competitors. Well, Semrush provides you with five to ten specific competitor ranking Keywords instead of generating a long list that no one ever sees.


  • Shows the analysis of Keyword difficulty, while also showing the insights on organic traffic.
  • Complete access to Keyword Research Toolkit
  • Yearly Trending Keywords
  • Also shows the Long-Tail Keywords
  • Uncovers most ad group ideas
  • Statistics for CPC distribution worldwide


There is a trial version for seven days but basically, you will have to purchase it afterward.

  • Pro: it’s a plan for freelancers and sites on budget, starting with 83 dollars per month and works annually.
  • Guru: agencies that work on SEO or small business niches that do day to day management are well suited to get this, starting with 166 dollars per month
  • Business: Just as the name suggests, it’s best for agencies and e-commerce sites or stores, starting with 333 dollars per month.
  • Enterprise: If you light to go beyond the typical search, then it is a custom fit plan from Semrush.

2. Keyword Revealer:

Being amongst the best keyword research tools for SEO, Keyword revealer provides the best Keywords to a certain niche or subject. It shows according to the trends, the average SERPS figure, competition, Volume, and the KW difficulty score, with much more. You can also check the Long Tail Keywords with Keyword Revealer.


  • Provides proper site Backlink Analysis
  • Helps to track the ranks of certain Keywords
  • Brainstorming Keyword
  • Provides most accurate Keyword data and its analysis
  • Helps you analyze the Keyword Competition and choose the best ones with low competition and higher volume.


You will find it inside the best Free tools for Keyword research because of the primary trial version for a few days, but you will have to get it after that.

Consultant: This plan is best for people who have smaller sites and starting their setup, having a one-time payment of 59 dollars and limiting the searches to around 10 per day. There are no bulk uploads included in this plan.

Marketer: Just as the name suggests, this plan allows the best possible Keyword search for small business people or e-commerce websites, having a one-time payment of 80 dollars with 25 daily keyword search results and bulk upload.

Agency: Lastly, there is an agency plan, which allows for the best possible in everything. You can get it at around 219 dollars as a one-time payment, providing 70 search results and unlimited saves with a bulk upload.

3. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs Best Keyword Research tools

One of the best keyword research tools for seo to exist, Ahrefs is perfect for the content creators, providing more keyword reports while completely acts upon the clickstream data.

It can show you the typical things like volume, competition, but the best thing about it is the first-page competition and the searches that have actually been clicked by the public. It’s much like a real-time Keyword result!


  • More than 1000 Suggestion of Keywords
  • You can focus on a single country for competition amongst 171 countries
  • Works on the click metrics than provide much more advanced CTR
  • Most accurate difficulty score that works on click, rather than views.
  • Larger overview of SERP
  • Backlink growth and the decline in a certain time frame
  • Estimations of total search traffic


Same as the other Keyword research tools for SEO, this one provides you with a seven-day trial version, but it also requires 7 dollars for that trial.

Lite: it is the lowest one starting at $99, is the best bet for people who are starting their website or focusing on a niche as a starter. This is a monthly plan and gives a 7 days trial for 7 dollars.

Standard: A bit more expensive than the Lite plan, this plan is for $179 per month and gives you a seven days trial for seven dollars. It’s best when your business or niche starts earning and you want to maintain the top position.

Advanced: Just as the name suggests, it is for people owning e-commerce stores, having small agencies or businesses to professional sites. Starts at $399 per month and gives you 3 user seats.

Agency: Lastly, the most professional plan is Agency, starting at 999 dollars per month and is best for professionals, like large agencies, businesses, or top-ranking sites.

4. Ubersuggest

UberSuggest by nailpatel keyword research tools

Most people know Neil Patel SEO keyword research tools as Ubersuggests. It shows you the top 100 google results for a specific keyword you are looking for, then it further shows you the backlinks, the score of the domain, and the visits you get as an estimation. While many of the top tools don’t show social shares, Ubersuggests shows you the exact number of them.

Being a professional tool like Ahrefs and Semrush alike, this tool provides much reliable and budget-friendly pricing, which is a thumbs up for most people.


  • Shows you SEO traffic in massive amounts, which are the real-time results, rather than estimations.
  • Gives the website and the domain ranking
  • Gives the exact amount of social shares and backlinks
  • Provides knowledge of visitors and traffic coming to your site.


There are two ways you can get Ubersuggest, one is the Monthly subscription and the other is the Lifetime one. In monthly you save 70 percent in comparison to other sides, while in Lifetime, you save 90 percent in comparison to other sides.

Individual: It is best known for small businesses and entrepreneurs, managing not more than 3 websites. It has a 7 days free trial while the monthly cost is $12 and the lifetime cost is $120.

Business: Best for medium businesses to manage not more than 7 websites, this plan starts at $20 monthly while $200 on lifetime.

Enterprise or Agency: For large businesses and proper agencies that need to manage more than 8 websites, this plan is the best one. The monthly plan starts at around 40 dollars and the lifetime is at 400 dollars.


Keyword research tools

Some people like to straight-up go for the Keyword Data mining and in this case, there is nothing better than the Keyword Tool. Not only does this work like a regular tool showing you the competition, volume, searches, and country-focused Keywords, but this also offers analysis for multiple searching engines like Bing, App shore, Google, Youtube, etc.


  • Google Autocomplete keyword finding, providing you with great keywords to strike
  • Helps improve social media marketing, providing keyword analysis on Twitter and Instagram accounts.
  • You can save results or export them to CSV, without any extra charges
  • Very simple and easy design, best for beginners.


You can use it for more than 750 keywords, totally free of cost. But the basic plan starts at around 69 dollars per month and the billing is done annually.

6. Keywords Everywhere:

Keywords everywhere is a unique tool that shows you the keywords data on the top 10 websites right now like Amazon, eBay, and other stores. You also don’t have to copy the keywords onto the keyword planner, the data will hop right in the Chrome browser.


  • Shows the Keywords that are most commonly related to your searches or the Google results.
  • Shows the target customer ranking keywords, while also provides related searches to it, having decent volume and difficulty.
  • Keyword data of top websites like Amazon
  • No copy-paste required, there’s a plugin that works on Google Chrome.


It works on a simple rule, there is 1 credit cut per 1 keyword. The credits are brought from real money, so for 10 dollars, you are getting 100,000 credits, which means you can search for 100000 keywords.

Simple as that, for 1000 dollars, which is the maximum, you can get 10 million credits, meaning 10 million keywords can be shown.

7. Soovle:

These keyword research tools provide you with ideas from Yahoo, Youtube, Amazon, Google, and bigger websites. This not only shortens down the range but also allows you to strike the search according to a particular platform.


  • Works on drag and drop to save the favorite ideas and suggestions also.
  • Download to a CSV file, by simply dragging and dropping
  • Separate website keyword strike.
  • Simple and easy to use for beginners.
  • Country specific volume data searches
  • Shows the results on your desired tool.


Yes, Soovle is amongst those completely free Keyword research tools for SEO. Try Free trial now Soovle

8. Longtailpro:

Nowadays people like to strike Long Tail keywords because of their higher volume and lower competition, earning a valuable place amongst the top competitors. Here, the Long Tail Pro generates those long-tail keywords specifically for niche sites and also the micro-niche sites.


  • An exceptionally powerful tool that works on Keyword matrices.
  • Makes it easy to find long-tail keywords in a single spot
  • Gives you further recommendations to attract the organic traffic that can be converted
  • Gives more than 2500 lookups of SERP after a day.


Being a premium tool it offers a seven days trial and the subscription starts at around 25 dollars per month.

  • Starter: it starts from $25 per month
  • Pro: starts at around $45 per month
  • Agency: Starts at $98 per month

9. Kwfinder:

KwFinder Keyword research tools

Designed by none other than Mangools, Kwfinder is a really popular tool because of its convenient and up-to-task design. This tool also provides you with the best searches across several categories. While it is known as an expert in finding the best volume keywords with low competition for beginners.

There are four tools inside a single package!


  • Effortless to use and navigate interface or overall design
  • Language-based targeting and all the languages can be found
  • SERP overview in exceptional depth, giving a bit of suggestion as well.
  • Filters are provided to shorten down the list according to the needs.
  • Precise statistics of competition keywords


The annual plan saves you around 40 percent of any subscription from 3 services.

  • Basic: starts from 30 dollars and meant for freelancers
  • Premium: starts from 40 dollars and meant for new bloggers
  • Agency: starts from 80 dollars and is meant for bigger sites or e-commerce stores.

10. or Keyword Planner:

Amongst the free keywords research tools, the Google Keyword Planner stands on top. It is a simple tool having few basic features. But that is not the main purpose of this tool, rather it serves to provide the most accurate data on the market. The data is directly linked to Google, which everyone uses!


  • Makes it easy to find the Commercial Keywords by simply using top of page bid range
  • Most accurate search volume out there, which is directly from google.
  • Best for starters, business websites, and independent bloggers looking their way to free keyword finders.


It is free to use

11. LSIgraph:

Keyword Research tools free

LSI graph is the LSI Keyword Generator. LSI means latent semantic indexing, that represents similar keywords along with the main one. So, to find the LSI keywords, you have here a separate tool by the name of the LSI graph. When it comes to keyword planning, because of some features it is known as the best bet out there.


LSV or Latent Semantic Value, meaning it shows the most valuable ones out there for you to rank in.

Shows the older volume as well as the newer one. Shows for the past 12 months!

Unlimited searches, you don’t have a boundary to search.

All-day long search, meaning there is no day to day searches, it works 24/7


Basic; this startup is 27 dollars per month and provides unlimited LSI KW.

Premium; this is 37 dollars per month and also provides unlimited LSI KW with extra features like multi-language support and location.

Agency; this is 54 dollars per month, while on sale it is 37 dollar per month, providing unlimited everything

12. Serpstat:

Last but not least, we have here Serpstat which is a complete suite for SEO. Basically, it is the best option out there for checking all the analytics like website analysis, SERP analysis, Keyword search, Rank tracer, Audit features, and backlink analysis. It’s a complete solution to everything!


  • Competitors graph to show the all-around ranking and factors of neighbor websites.
  • Shows the trending and the difficulty of Keywords.
  • The best value for money out there in terms of a complete KW suite.
  • Site auditing, backlink analysis, site rank track, all in a single package


There are two types of billing, monthly and annually. Same as always, you save 20 percent annually.

Lite: It starts from 69 dollars/month and is best for individuals or freelancers.

Standard: it starts from 149 dollars/month and is ideal for marketing agencies.

Advanced: it starts from 299 dollars/month and is meant for bigger house teams and agencies.

Enterprise: it starts from 499 dollars/month and is perfect for proper industries.


There is quite a lot to think about, specifically when we are talking about Keywords. Fascinatingly, you will never be satisfied with the Keywords, while also doing your absolute best to rank on them. Whether new or experienced, there are strategies that you will have to use.

For that reason, we have the Keyword Research tools right here in our article to guide you in choosing the right one for your startup. Their special features, price, and a brief description are provided along with the link to help you make a decision based on your budget and requirements. Hope you like the article! Also, you can try out Best SEO Tools in this Blog.

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