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Best SEO Tools for Enhanced Online Visibility

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If you are into digital marketing and want to succeed at it, then it is essential to have your Website rank on Top when the customers are searching on the web. To make it happen, there is nothing better than the Best SEO Tools.

SEO tools are Search Engine Optimization tools that allow you to optimize the page to make it faster, more responsive, and consistent for the sake of ranking because search engines take it as a ranking factor. Besides this, there are Keywords and real-time analytics or data tracking tools that are a must to have as a digital marketer. Therefore, we compiled this article on the Best SEO Tools that I use in 2020 to help you out with the best choices!

Top 5 Best SEO Tools that I use in 2023


When you are searching on the web for the best SEO Tools, you will always find Moz in the top five list. It is used by both experts and beginners alike because of some features that are not found in others.

The best thing about Moz is that it updates itself with Google Algorithms that change regularly because of growing audiences. There is a separate Moz chat portal that allows you to consult and ask questions about any topic.

Moz is regarded as a full-service provider that not only provides you with the best Keywords but also works as a site crawl to recommend you with top-of-line optimization choices. Not only does it provide you with the bad aspects of your site, but also shows you how to improve it.

Another feature you will get with this product is the Moz Bar, which is a tool that allows you to see the metrics of your website even when you are browsing. These are the features that are not found in other Best SEO tools that is why Moz sets the standards and provides a complete set of tools.


  • Powerful yet dynamic SEO suite.
  • Metrics are based on industrial standards.
  • Page optimization suggestions
  • Newly designed and updated crawler


  • Feature depth is too much for beginners.


Looking for an expert tool? Well, the best one to get is Majestic, which has unlimited features to get your Digital Marketing Website to the top. Amongst the Best SEO Tools, this one has an Internet Explorer that can give you a general website overview.

The fascinating thing here is that it can show the backlinks and give you the exact amount because backlinks are amongst the top 3 ranking factors for a website that a search engine uses.

If you are an SEO expert, then this tool provides basic features in Keyword finding that target a specific audience. Furthermore, it can show you the comparison of sites, and then there is rank tracking.

Last but not least, the main function of these best SEO tools is website crawling, tracking backlinks, and analyzing your domain.


  • More features of backlink indexing
  • Tools for Analyzing the Domains
  • Plugins for browsers
  • BuzzSumo integration
  • Deep crawling


  • Not professional for Keywords, because of no management and difficulty rankings.


The third one on our list is the Woorank, which is a rather popular choice amongst Digital Marketers. The reason for its popularity is its paid and free options, which enable both the experts and the beginners to use it without any issues.

Most of the time you will target specific sites which become your competitors and find their keywords or ranking factors. These best tools will provide you with features to track the competitors and challenge them in their own game.

Furthermore, you will be presented with a guide on how to understand the keywords and perform keyword optimizations for search engines and also users in the best possible way.

You will also get to know the things that your website lacks in both the technical aspects and the content aspects. Technically refers to the backend, where you will find the speed, patterns, response, and other factors of the site. In the front end, there is content that refers to what the audience sees.

Lastly, you can see content that has security issues, duplications, or downtime, while providing the best possible fix.


  • Shows both the content and the technical faults of the website
  • Guide you on keyword optimizations
  • Check the details of Competitor websites
  • Both the paid and the free version



Best SEO tools for free

When it comes to SEO, there is nothing that beats Spyfu. Amazingly there is also a free version but eventually, you will have to go for the premium version, which holds the maximum features.

Amongst its best features, you can view Keyword searches per month and how many times it has been used in this specific period. This helps you to determine the difficulty of the Keyword and the competition it holds.

You can search the competitors and see their Keywords, organic searches, monthly clicks, paid competitors, campaigns on Google Ads, and much more than this.


  • Vast keyword selection search
  • Management tools in budget
  • Better reporting features
  • Backlink tracking feature and ongoing monitoring of the site


  • No crawling on the web-wide



Lastly, we have here in our Best SEO Tools list is none other than the SurferSEO, which is not the most popular tool in the market available to purchase but there are some features in this tool that are not found in any other, that I prefer using.

First of all, being a Digital Marketer you know that On-Page SEO is pretty much everything for ranking. The SurferSEO works in the On-Page Optimizations by simply comparing the neighbor pages that are ranking.

It does an analysis that is data-driven and then further guides you on what the top-ranked pages don’t do and what they do.


  • Effortless to use due to the uncomplicated interface
  • Real-time LSI Keywords available
  • On the Go SEO audit
  • Semantic Analysis to show competitor ranking keywords


  • Too many suggestions are available which can impact readability.


Here is the list of Best SEO Tools that I use in 2020, having a mix of both free and paid tools with their respective pros and cons. While some of the tools are popular options and others are not so popular, it is important to note that all the tools are handy in their own ways. They provide features that are essential to Rank the Site on Top searches as a Digital Marketer. Hope you like the article!


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