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10 Essential Best WordPress Plugin for SEO

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WordPress has been known for its effortless usability and SEO friendliness. But often, you need to download the plugins and install them for those exceptional features. These plugins can either make your website Optimized or they can add extras inside it with more features.

The problem here is that due to the popularity of WordPress and every site being backed up by it, there are a lot of WordPress plugins to choose from. If it isn’t an authentic one, your website can get harmed in several ways, like optimization, reachability, reload time and such things can get affected, ultimately affecting the ranking of your website.

For that specific reason, we compiled 10 Best WordPress Plugin articles to help you out with the top authentic plugins to choose from. Either it is your website optimization, SEO, or even a contact form you want to add to your site, these plugins will always have your back!

What actually are these Best WordPress Plugins?

As you know that WordPress handles the Backend of the Website itself, which is coding or database and not everyone can mess around with them. You will have to get skills in coding, website development, or Database to even open it and start doing your thing. For that reason, WordPress handles the coding on the backend and provides a drag and drop feature on the front end for its users.

To make things extra usable yet easy, plugins are a bit of code that is self-hosted on the WordPress website. In simpler forms, it can add new functionality to the site or extend them, without you having to do anything, except installation.

Top 10 Best WordPress Plugin:

Now that we know all about WordPress Plugins, let us hop right into the Top 10 Best WordPress Plugins list. Keep in mind that these plugins are known best to do a specific task and exceed in that task only!

1.Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO plugin

First of all, we have here the Yoast SEO, which is no doubt the most famous and perfected SEO Plugin you will ever find. Not only can it optimize your site for search engines rather, being the WordPress plugin out there, but it can also make the whole website setup easier.

It can make the SEO generate an XML sitemap automatically, allowing google or other search engines to crawl on your site so that your content can be seen on the public searches.

Actually, it is a WordPress Plugin for SEO in which you can also publish the article, add titles, posts, pages, descriptions, images and optimize them for exceptional SEO.


  • Tool for analyzing the page
  • A very technical and workable WordPress SEO
  • The functionality of generating XML Sitemaps and letting search engines crawl on your website.
  • Easy to use format and design. There are red, green, and orange marks pointing towards the worst, best and mediocre.


Yoast SEO plugin is free to get on WordPress but you will have to pay for extra features which are essential for SEO. It costs around 89 dollars, not including the per-year VAT.

2. All in One SEO Pack

Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Having more than two million users, the All in One SEO pack is the Best WordPress SEO plugin for All in one solution to every problem. Basically, it is a toolkit, helping you improve the website ranking without doing anything.

Being a Best WordPress Plugin, it has an effortless installment procedure, while it does the setting automatically on your site. Furthermore, AIOSEO can give you On Page Analysis called TruSEO, optimizing your pages and your web posts individually.

Lastly, there are meta tags generated on your website to add with SEO title descriptions. There are sitemaps, SEO checks, Graphs, Integrations for social media, and much more in this WordPress Plugin for SEO.


  • Support for Google Analytics and XML Sitemaps.
  • Meta Tag automatic Generation for your website
  • Overrides settings if you require them
  • Avoidance of constant that is duplicated, resulting in better site ranking
  • Self-optimization for page, content, and title pages for every Search engine.


It is available without any cost on the WordPress plugin directory but you can purchase the full-featured version in several forms.

  • Elite: available at 299.5 dollars for 100 websites
  • Pro: available at 199.5 dollars for 10 websites
  • Plus: available at 99.5 dollars for 3 websites
  • Basic: available at 49.5 dollars for 1 website

3. Google Sitemap Generator

Best WordPress plugin

Looking for the Best WordPress Plugin for indexing? Well, here we have the authentic Google Sitemap Generator or XML Sitemap which generates the sitemap automatically and does all the tasks itself.

There are quite a lot of options inside this WordPress plugin for SEO which can be altered according to your own choice and your website features. A fascinating feature about this Plugin is that it automatically updates the sitemap after each optimization or publishing you have done. This option is not found in other plugins.


  • Automatic update of Sitemap after every setting on site.
  • Basic options to choose from
  • Default setting which resets the setting in case of any problem
  • Very easy to understand and does every task itself efficiently.


XML sitemap is free to use up to a maximum quality of 500 URLs but you can purchase the professional version at 3.5 dollars monthly.

4. W3 Total Cache

Best WordPress Plugin

Without you knowing, your website speed decreases over time due to less optimization and the Cache that develops on the back. W3 Total Cache is the Best WordPress SEO Plugin to increase your website speed and increase the ranking of your site.

Most of the tech giants by the name of Mashable and AT&T have recommended W3 Total Cache and have been regarded as the best speed optimizer plugin in WordPress.

You don’t have to do anything, just install this plugin and allow it to remove cache or improve speed. That is all you need to do!


  • Minimum of 10x speed improvement and performance improvement on the whole website
  • Recommended by the Tech Giants and promised to do the work it has been made for.
  • Automatically does minification of code pieces and cache removal.
  • Basic options are available to change based on your website.


It is the best WordPress SEO plugin completely Free of Cost.

5. Jetpack

Jetpack WordPress SEO plugin

Most people are looking for a single plugin that does all the essential features on a website. Here we have Jetpack which is the Best WordPress plugin for a single solution to all problems.

Basically, this plugin focuses on the performance, security, and marketing of your website, while increasing the traffic and managing the website for exceptional Search Engine Optimization.


  • Enhances the functionality of the website with a ton of CMS features inside.
  • Provides statistics and gives detailed traffic growth of websites. If a site has no traffic, it won’t rank.
  • Website security and centralized management
  • It does the basic Search Engine Optimization on your website.


Basically, this WordPress Plugin for SEO is free of cost but for the premium version, it costs around 99 dollars per year and 9 dollars per month.

6. SEO Optimized Images

Images might not seem a big deal but when you dig deep into SEO and ranking, you find that Images are around the top 5 factors which slow down the speed of websites and affect performance.

Here is the SEO Optimized Images plugin which is the best WordPress SEO Plugin for image optimization in your website. Separately you cannot change the images on the website, so this plugin reduces the size and optimizes them in bulks or separately.

All the image-related SEO is done automatically and you don’t have to do anything.


  • Basic Options that can be changed according to your choice.
  • SEO-friendly Alt Attributes changing provided.
  • Automatic Image optimization
  • Bulk image optimization provided


  • This is free to use Best WordPress SEO Plugin

7. Contact Form 7

If you want to add contact forms to your page or your content, then Contact Form 7 is the Best WordPress Plugin you are looking for. It can not only customize the forms but also provide flexible mail content having easy markup.

It is powered from Ajax and there is also Captcha or Spam Filtering from Akismet with much more. It keeps the Website secure and gives a sense of protection to the user as well.


  • You can manage and create various contact forms without doing anything
  • Effortless to customize fields of the form
  • Using Shortcode, you can put forms into posts and pages
  • With this plugin comes Ajax Power submitting, Akistamt Filtering for Spam, and even Captcha.


  • Contact Forms 7 is a completely free-to-use plugin and in comparison to this, you have Ninja Forms which is paid.

8. WooCommerce

Well, you might have heard of WooCommerce because of its popularity and also its functionality. It is free to use a plugin that gives you the functionality of e-commerce.

Frankly, it’s written right there in the name that it is a commerce plugin that is meant for business or online stores. You can simply turn your website into a professional store or eCommerce website with few clicks.

There is no loss of functionalities nor features, you just have to install the plugin and do some settings. Finally, it gives you a combination of SEO, flexibility, power, and features.


  • Due to a modular design, it gives you a choice of adding favorite options.
  • Convert to an e-commerce store with a woo commerce content management system, that integrates commerce into contents.
  • Limitless features, woo commerce is open source that lets you modify and customize everything without control.
  • A large community that lets you sell and purchase products from woo commerce-based online stores.


Without any monthly fees or charges, WooCommerce itself is costless, but you will need to get a domain and hosting. The domain is available at 12 dollars per year and hosting is available at five to twenty-five dollars monthly. For the theme, it costs around 59 dollars and the plugin costs 25 dollars for each. In case you are a developer, then it will cost 20 to 250 dollars for each hour.

9. Elementor:

Most of the WordPress website work is done through a builder and when it comes to builder Elementor is the best WordPress SEO plugin out there. It can not only allow you to drag and drop while site-building but also gives you various themes and pages to give that crispy visual effect to your website.

Visual editing is exceptionally important to your website and traffic attraction. Elementor is the Best WordPress Plugin for visual editing allowing you to design and create homepages, about pages, online stores, blog pages, landing pages, and a full-fledged website with much more.


  • A live frontend editor that lets you drag and drop, create complex layouts and visuals.
  • No need to switch between preview and editor because of features, saving time, and providing easy usability.
  • Doesn’t require coding or knowledge about any other skill.
  • 100 percent responsive and SEO-friendly theme builder.


You can use Elementor free of cost on your WordPress Website but there is a pro version that costs around 49 dollars for all the support and premium features.

10. WP Smush:

Best wordpress plugin

Being the Best WordPress SEO Plugin for optimization, you can easily do image optimization with WP Smush. Fascinatingly, there is no loss of quality on images, but their size is reduced and optimized in a way that the website becomes exceptionally responsive.

You can simply upload an image on WP Smush to optimize it or you can go to media and bulk optimize 50 images altogether.


  • With a single click, you can optimize unlimited images
  • The compression size is double when using super smush
  • You can make a backup of the original image
  • Automatic rescaling and further resizing of images
  • Does SEO on larger images without any limit on size.


Same as always, you can use Smush free of cost but with a bit of limitation. Furthermore, you can get pro at 99 dollars per month having more plugins. You can also get it at 19 dollars per month for only the WP Smush Pro.


Almost all websites are on WordPress nowadays because of its effortless usability, simpler interface, automatic backend handling, and drag & drop features. Due to the popularity, you basically are lost in the ocean of plugins and for specific reasons, we compiled this article of Best SEO Plugin. All the plugins are popular, trusted, and do the task they are made for. Mostly, they are free to use but certain of them are only usable for a certain duration. Hope you like the article and get the right plugin you have been looking for! Also, Read Out WordPress Theme here.

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